Emerging Markets Equity

Strategy Summary

  • Style: GARP
  • Approach: Active, Bottom-Up
  • Benchmark: MSCI Emerging Markets Index
  • Inception: 4/1/1997
  • Strategy Assets: $1,632 MM as of 6/30/19

Investment Philosophy

We believe that a company's ability to
generate consistent and sustainable earnings growth, along with a good return on capital, will drive enhanced stock price performance over the long term. We also believe that stocks can become mispriced through the
improper evaluation of fundamentals or
short-term trading decisions. We seek to
pay a reasonable price for the growth
opportunities we identify and apply a
disciplined valuation process to uncover
securities that may be undervalued in the market. We believe a careful assessment of a company's upside potential and downside risk is critical in navigating the emerging markets asset class.


Portfolio Management
Strategy Profile


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