Taxable Bond Strategies

We actively manage taxable bond portfolios across multiple bond market sectors. We aim to take advantage of the relative valuation among distinct bond sectors and the increased opportunities to generate income and capital appreciation, while also limiting risk, in changing market environments. Our active approach emphasizes diversification and combines both macro economic analysis and comprehensive bottom-up credit research. Managing risk factors is a critical component of our approach, and we seek out quality in all of the sectors in which we invest, including high yield bonds.

We offer a range of strategy options to accommodate varied risk tolerances and client objectives.

Short-Term Taxable Bond

Through research and diversification this strategy seeks to outperform money market funds while managing portfolio volatility. Positions are single A or better and the strategy maintains an average rating of AA or better.

Core Bond

This core multi-sector bond strategy seeks to generate income while preserving capital. Our strategy buys only investment grade securities and maintains a similar risk profile to that of the Barclays Aggregate Index.

Enhanced Core Bond

Strategy offers broad market exposure with a goal of providing income and capital gain. We allocate portfolios across multiple market sectors and strategically invest in high yield bonds, in order to help to enhance return opportunities and manage risk.

Total Return Bond

Strategy takes advantage of relative valuation among multiple bond sectors, including high yield bonds, aiming to generate income and capital gains. Investment process combines top-down macro analysis with bottom-up quantitative and qualitative research.

Corporate Bond Opportunities

Actively managed strategy primarily combining high yield and high grade corporate bonds to maximize current income and longer-term capital appreciation. Our approach combines top-down sector allocation with bottom-up issuer selection and a credit barbell methodology. 

Short-Term Focused High Income

Strategy seeks to achieve a high level of current income while minimizing price volatility. It seeks to minimize interest rate risk by investing in bonds with maturities less than five years.