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We understand the concerns of institutional investors, starting with your need to develop a deep understanding of our investment strategies and their ability to generate future returns. As a partner, we respect and share your desire for transparency, and have built a client service model capable of meeting your expectations for communication, risk management, and client reporting.

Institutional investors can rely on GW&K to meet all challenges energetically, from defining optimal strategies and evaluating risk to managing costs. You will find our professionals to be fully committed to your interests, creative in identifying opportunities to meet your objectives, and meticulous in their attention to detail.

Relationship Management
Thomas F.X. Powers

Michael J. Clare
Partner, Director, Institutional
Institutional Business Development ,
North & Non-US

Nancy R. Rimington
Vice President, Institutional Business Development , West

Jeffrey R. Simmons, CIMA®
Vice President, Institutional Business Development , South

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