The Deficit Deluge: Understanding the Surge That Supported GDP and Stocks
Domestic Equity | Insight

Why has the US economy remained so resilient this year, despite the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes? GW&K’s Global Strategist, Bill Sterling, believes it has a lot to do with fiscal policy.

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Shoring Up Supply Chains
Global Equity | Insight

GW&K’s Equity Team members Taylor Cope and Brad Miller share some of the implications the reshoring theme may have for different types of companies and both developed and emerging economies — and what it might signal for globalization going forward.

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The Untapped Potential of Japan’s Equity Market
Global Equity | Insight

Our Global Strategist, Bill Sterling, shares how impressive earnings growth, attractive valuations, and improving corporate governance and shareholder returns make the Japanese equity market an appealing opportunity for investors today.

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Listen: GW&K Market Insights with Harold Kotler & Bill Sterling
Firm-wide | Insight

We invite you to listen to our quarterly conversation with Harold Kotler, Bill Sterling, and moderator Dan Fasciano.

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Technology and Policy Improvements are Creating a Bright Future: Research Notes from India
Global Equity | Insight

Equity Portfolio Manager Nuno Fernandes and Senior Research Analyst Siva Natarajan recently returned from an investment research trip to India. Read more about why the efficiencies gained from recent advances are creating a strong foundation for businesses and consumers.

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Major Cities Expected to Manage Commercial Real Estate Weakness
Municipal Bond | Market Commentary

Sheila R. May, CFA, Principal, Director, Municipal Bond Research

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