Municipal Bond Strategies

GW&K has been managing municipal bond portfolios for clients since our founding in 1974. Our approach is both active and flexible as we aim to take advantage of opportunities across the yield curve to reduce risk and maximize after-tax returns.

Our municipal bond Portfolio Managers average more than twenty years with the firm. This continuity of talent speaks to their conviction in our approach. Our team has the long-term perspective to identify potential opportunities in the context of a variable economic environment, complex market technical factors and a shifting credit landscape.

We offer a range of strategy options to accommodate varied risk tolerances and client objectives.

Short-Term Municipal Bond

Through bottom-up research this strategy seeks to earn higher after-tax returns than money market funds while managing risk. The focus is primarily on investment grade bonds maturing in less than four years.

2-8 Year Active Municipal Bond
This active strategy emphasizes bottom-up research to target investment grade short to intermediate maturity bonds. The Strategy seeks to preserve and enhance capital while protecting the income stream.


Municipal Bond - Intermediate

This intermediate approach emphasizes bottom-up research with a goal of producing high after-tax returns while preserving and enhancing capital. The strategy focuses on bonds within the investment grade spectrum that offer yield enhancing opportunities.

Municipal Enhanced Yield

This active, long-term municipal bond approach emphasizes fundamental research with a goal to produce high after-tax income. It is appropriate for total return oriented clients with a greater tolerance for principal volatility.