Tax Planning For 2024
Firm-wide | Insight

It’s never too early in the year to proactively assess your tax situation and explore planning opportunities, with the aim of optimizing your financial strategy and minimizing tax liabilities.

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Cash Is Not Always King
Taxable Bond, Municipal Bond | Insight

As interest rates have risen from the latest Fed tightening cycle, many investors have elected to seek shelter from the volatility by investing in short-term vehicles like money market funds or T-bills.

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A Welcome Burst in Productivity Growth
Domestic Equity | Insight

Global Strategist Bill Sterling shares his latest research on US productivity in 2023, which had the most growth since the early 2000's, outside of recessions.

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Is the US Dollar Overvalued?
Global Equity | Insight

After an 11-year climb from 2011 to 2022, the foreign exchange value of the US dollar remains very high by many measures. Read more from Global Strategist Bill Sterling.

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Opportunities in Preferred Securities
Taxable Bond | Insight

Taxable Portfolio Manager Stephen Repoff shares his perspective on the perpetual preferred market.

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The Trouble with Municipal Bond Benchmarks
Municipal Bond | Insight

Why do municipal bond managers often fail to outperform their benchmarks?

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