GW&K Taxable Bond Strategies Investment Commentary – 1Q 2023
Taxable Bond | Market Commentary

Fixed income markets rose in the fourth quarter amid growing confidence that central banks have succeeded in slowing inflation and will soon be able to pursue less restrictive policy.

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GW&K Domestic Equity Strategies Investment Commentary – 1Q 2023
Domestic Equity | Market Commentary

Our continued focus on investing in quality companies is all the more relevant in these times of market and economic turbulence, as well-managed companies have a tendency to take advantage of the situation at hand, whether good or bad, for their long-term advantage.

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GW&K Global Equity Strategies Investment Commentary – 1Q 2023
Global Equity | Market Commentary

Despite expecting significant global economic slowdown in 2023, and a probable recession in some regions, we remain positive on equity returns in international markets.

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GW&K Emerging Market Strategies Investment Commentary – 1Q 2023
Global Equity | Market Commentary

We maintain cautious optimism for EM equities, despite ongoing geopolitical risks and potential headwinds to global equity markets if major DM economies enter a recession.

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The Case for Global Engagement and Understanding
Global Equity | Insight

As political tensions rise, the world’s energy and climate adaptation needs increase — especially for emerging economies like China and India. A global world order based on engagement and understanding would seemingly provide a smoother path forward than one based on isolation and confrontation.

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Titling Assets
Firm-wide | Insight

Properly titling your assets can help prevent increased taxes, disagreements among heirs, and even the undesirable need for probate.

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