GW&K Domestic Equities Strategy Commentary – 3Q 2023
| Market Commentary

Resilience was the word for this quarter, and perhaps will continue to be for at least the near term...How this interplay between a stronger economy and higher interest rates plays out is difficult to predict

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GW&K Global Equities Strategy Commentary – 3Q 2023
Global Equity | Market Commentary

Given the recent weakness in the market we thought it might be interesting to discuss some broad ideas we currently find attractive and that the market seems to be mispricing.

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GW&K Municipal Bond Market Commentary – 3Q 2023
Municipal Bond | Market Commentary

Elevated yields should be embraced and locked in, because you never know when they will be gone.

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GW&K Taxable Bond Market Commentary – 3Q 2023
Taxable Bond | Market Commentary

The swift rise in rates to multi-year highs makes the value proposition for bonds more compelling.

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GW&K Investment Review 3Q 2023
Firm-wide | Market Commentary

GW&K Quarterly Investment Review featuring Founder-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Harold G. Kotler's economic commentary.

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Positive Developments for the MTA
Municipal Bond | Market Commentary

Municipal Credit Perspectives from our Director of Municipal Bond Research, Sheila R. May, CFA.

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