John Fox

John B. Fox, CFA

Partner, Director, Fixed Income


34 Years


John joined GW&K as a member of our municipal bond team in 1990 after graduating from college and was promoted to portfolio manager in 1995, a role in which he continues to serve. As director of fixed income, John is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our fixed income operations, including portfolio management, research, and trading.  He is a partner in the firm and is also a member of the firm’s Management and Investment Committees.


John received a BA in Economics from Boston College and an MBA from Boston University. He is a CFA® charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute, the CFA Society Boston, the Boston Municipal Analysts Forum, and the National Federation of Municipal Analysts.

The Value I Bring

“I’ve grown up with the modern municipal bond market. When I entered the business, munis were barely considered a proper asset class. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed rate swings, sector collapses, economic crises, headline scares, and more. My connection to the market, and all its wonderful eccentricities and peccadillos, has consumed my entire working life and I’m learning more every day.”

What I enjoy most about working at GW&K is...
Active bond management is a constantly changing process that demands imagination, discipline, and judgment. Knowing that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow injects a high degree of dynamism that is both humbling and exhilarating.

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