Michael S. Baryski

Michael S. Baryski

Senior Client Service Associate


8 Years


Mike is a member of our client service team responsible for servicing GW&K’s institutional clients. He serves as a primary resource for clients, addressing all questions and concerns, and helping clients meet their long-term objectives.

Prior Work Experience

Prior to joining GW&K, Mike was a manager of operations at the MBTA Retirement Fund where he was responsible for managing daily operations and relationships with custodian banks, investment consultants, investment managers, legal counsel and other service providers.


Mike graduated magna cum laude with an MBA in Finance from Suffolk University and earned a BA in Business and Economics from Wheaton College.

Outside the office…
While attending Wheaton College I was a collegiate athlete. Participating in a college sport provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself both academically and athletically and helped me to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Not only did this experience keep me disciplined and focused, it taught me how to overcome adversity and fostered my work ethic. As a working professional I continue to follow these philosophies.

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